How many people go to bed hungry?

Recently a friend of mine asked me the question, “How many people go to bed hungry?” The World Food Programme has produced a “Hunger Map” that answers this question in broad brush strokes:

You can download a copy of the map at the following URL (in English, French or Spanish):

While hunger is found in many parts of the world, what becomes clear from the map is that Central Africa is the area in which it is most prevalent. In at least eight countries of that region, over 35% of the population is undernourished. One country in the Western Hemisphere, Haiti, also is in this category.

WIK-lif or WAHY-klif?

One question that often comes up when I talk with people about Wycliffe Bible Translators is, “How do you say the word Wycliffe?” A good number of people I talk with say WAHY-klif, while others say WIK-lif. My typical response is, “I speak both dialects!”

The English dictionaries have weighed in on the question. The Random House dictionary, the American Heritage dictionary, and the Webster’s dictionary all favor the latter pronunciation, i.e. WIK-lif.

You can hear a pronunciation of the name at the following URLs:

Oh, yes, John Wycliffe (c. 1328-1384) was an English religious reformer and theologian who is often credited with being the first to translate the Bible into English.

David Edward Gardner 1955-2008

Jessica’s father David passed away on Wednesday, October 22 in Tamarac, Florida. We were able to fly down to Fort Lauderdale the day before, and Jessica was by his side when he took his last breath.

Over the weekend, we drove with Jessica’s family up to the funeral and burial in Dayton, Tennessee. At the funeral Jessica and I sang the song No More Tears, and Jessica read a letter that she had written to her Dad a couple of months ago. From David’s grave site, one can see several ridges where he often went hunting with his brother Tom.

On Sunday evening as we were just starting to drive back to Fort Lauderdale, we received word that Jessica’s sister Jewel had gone into labor in South Carolina. As providence would have it, we were able to rearrange our trip and arrive at the hospital a couple of hours before Jessica’s niece, Kathryn Marie Hanson, was born. What a joy it was to be there and see this new life!

On Thursday, a memorial service was held for David at Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale. Jessica read her letter again, and we shared our song once more, accompanied by Jessica’s uncle Bill on violin. You can listen to it by clicking here.

Obituraries for David have been published online in the Chattanooga Times Free Press and the Florida Sun-Sentinal. Note that in the Sun-Sentinel obituary, “Mission Air International” should read “Miami Air International“.

Photo by Jessica on front page of Manila Times!

That’s right! A photograph that Jessica took of anthropologist Thomas Headland appeared on the front page of the September 2, 2007 issue of the Manila Times. This was a special issue that focused on the endangered languages of the Philippines. Jessica’s photograph accompanied an article by Fred S. Cabuang entitled, Negrito (Agta) languages’ descent into extinction, which itself was based on Headland’s article Thirty endangered languages in the Philippines.”