Ken and Jessica Olson (“The Olsons”) are American singer-songwriters, who write and perform Christian folk rock music. Please visit their music website for more information.

You can purchase their CD Let the Nations Be Glad at

2 thoughts on “Music

  1. Ken,

    So good to hear from you musically once again. I especially like Wondrous Cross. The acoustic guitar is so warm. The lyric, “mingled down”, was a nice touch. Thank-you for continuing on in music! You’re a brother who keeps on blessing.

    In Christ,


  2. Ken:

    What a great CD. Just came home from work blasting Ezali Malamu, and (oh horrors) singing along as best I can with the window open.

    I really hope all the stares from the adjacent motorists were due only to the language (and not my baritone babbling).

    Say, is there any chance you (or Jim Fultz) can publish the lyrics on this page? Dad-Gum but some of dem sylllabuls be-a comin atcha perty fast. The motorists of SE Texas will thank you.

    And, despite the risk of revealing my ignorance, is that song written in Lingala? Mono maybe???

    Please continue to keep the rocks quiet, Ken.
    (Phrase translation: Keep on singin’ His praises!)


    P.S. My eldest daughter won a Silver Medal at State for UIL Solo and Ensemble competition.

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